Be seen.

You are only noticed when you are either on the top or at the bottom, but not in-between.  No one ever notices the in-betweener.  They notice those at the top because they are outstanding.  They make themselves known, they draw attention to themselves through their achievements.  Those at the bottom are noticed because they are under-achievers, someone is always trying to help them.  They see the need to help them get above ground.

However, those in the middle, somehow, don’t exist.  Because they are average, the need to be helped isn’t their as those at the bottom and they don’t draw attention because they aren’t doing anything great.  So they are basically in everyones blind-spot.

Why not make yourself noticed?  Why not be out-standing?  Why not do something great?  Be seen!  Be noticed for a great accomplishment.  Be noticed for some outstanding action.  Be noticed for doing something great.  It gives you stature.  It gives you respect.

Don’t however, be at the bottom.  Because even though they draw attention to themselves, it’s not what anyone would want for themselves.  Do you want people to always be pitying you?  Do you want people to always be assisting you in every area of your life?  Do you want to be considered less of a person?  Do you want to be considered someone of little importance?

Always strive to do your best.  Aim for the sky, so if you fall, you’ll land on the clouds.   Have high expectations of yourself.  Be seen!




All my life I have never been able to really freely express myself.  The ability to really be free was a great challenge.  At home I really wasn’t allowed to express myself freely.   I barely had a voice.

freedomBut now when I look at my daughter and see how free-spirited she is, I wish I had been able to express myself so freely.  She is so free, that she would dress up just because she felt like it.  The full works of make-up, clothes, shoes, accent, everything.  She is creative, happy and full of life.  When I look at her, I see life itself.  I mean, no care in the world.  Not studying what others think of her.  Saying what she wants without being too rude.  Just simply expressing herself.  I don’t stop her or forbid her from expressing myself, because I know what it feels like to be prohibited.  I just enjoy her freedom.

If she feels like dancing in the streets, she will dance in the street.  If she feels like singing  whilst doing her school work, then sing she would.  If she felt like painting a picture, she would.  I mean she is just free.  So many of us are so uptight.  Always worrying about things and not being able to see the funny side of something.

Life is meant to be lived!  So live!  Be free to express yourself in anyway you wish.

Take note

It is always a good idea to take note of anything that you deem important. Now when I say take note, I literary mean ‘take note’. You may wonder why I say ‘take note’, but when you take note you preserve your memory for another time. You will always have the memory there in that book on that page to look back at and remind yourself.

Many times great ideas are formed and because you didn’t take note, you forget and it passes you by. Or you may remember the idea, but you cannot remember every single detail in carrying out the idea. This may cause you to miss out on great opportunities. So it is very important to take note of things.

Recently I watched a very renowned speaker talking in a seminar and while speaking he said something and because it was something new and something he liked, he stopped his presentation to take note so that he will have it for another time and quoted exactly how he initially said it.

Taking note also helps you organize your thoughts properly and clears your mind of everything that is going on inside of it. Have you ever been so tired and just wanted to sleep but your mind just kept on working, not allowing you to sleep. Well, taking note can actually help you get those things on your mind, off your mind and on a page in the book.

So I encourage you to ‘take note’. You never know what cure, or genius idea you thought of that you can always remember until you just ‘take note’.