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Be seen.

You are only noticed when you are either on the top or at the bottom, but not in-between.  No one ever notices the in-betweener.  They notice those at the top because they are outstanding.  They make themselves known, they draw attention to themselves through their achievements.  Those at the bottom are noticed because they are under-achievers, someone is always trying to help them.  They see the need to help them get above ground.

However, those in the middle, somehow, don’t exist.  Because they are average, the need to be helped isn’t their as those at the bottom and they don’t draw attention because they aren’t doing anything great.  So they are basically in everyones blind-spot.

Why not make yourself noticed?  Why not be out-standing?  Why not do something great?  Be seen!  Be noticed for a great accomplishment.  Be noticed for some outstanding action.  Be noticed for doing something great.  It gives you stature.  It gives you respect.

Don’t however, be at the bottom.  Because even though they draw attention to themselves, it’s not what anyone would want for themselves.  Do you want people to always be pitying you?  Do you want people to always be assisting you in every area of your life?  Do you want to be considered less of a person?  Do you want to be considered someone of little importance?

Always strive to do your best.  Aim for the sky, so if you fall, you’ll land on the clouds.   Have high expectations of yourself.  Be seen!