Start your day right.

I have learnt that the only way to start your day right is by beginning with PRAYER.  Yes PRAYER!  When you wake early in the morning and you spend that quality time with your Saviour somehow, your day feels right.  You feel energized and ready to take on the challenges of what is to come.  I had that experience a few days ago.  I got up early and I took time to acknowlege my Lord and Saviour and even though I felt tired when I woke up, when I began to pray the tired feeling left.  My strength was renewed and I was rearing and ready to go. 

So prayer is very important in starting your day right.  If you think that I am just saying this because it is a good thing to say, try it yourself.  Try getting up early in the morning and spending at least 10 minutes acknowledging your Lord and Saviour and you will experience the renewal of strength and the energized feeling that I felt.  If you don’t have such an experience, still continue to try it.  Sometimes when we do things in doubt it makes it more difficult for us to actually experience what we should experience, always do things with an expectancy and with and open heart and mind.  It is only then you will have a true experience.

Remember first of all PRAYER!



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